Pipe type carpet spin drainer is the second machine in carpet cleaning line. Firstly we are manufacturer,saler and also exporter of carpet cleaning equipments. For carpet cleaning line if we need to count all the machines one by one its like; carpet washing machine, pipe type carpet spin drainer, carpet dust remover machine, carpet sweeping and finishing packaging machine and also carpet hanging and drying system. Pipe type carpet spin drainer is the second machine in basic carpet cleaning company. But for the professional carpet cleaning company we cannot say the same thing. For professional company they can have totally 6 different machine. But its according to our customers budget. Of course they can have professional line with 1 or 2 machine of course. If he or she has small budget for this business they can start totally with two different machine.


The machines are first is carpet washing machine and the second one is pipe type carpet spin drainer machine. The full line of carpet cleaning systems the machine unit will be 6 units of machine. the first one will be carpet dust remover machine, second is carpet washing machine, carpet spin drainer and this dryer machine will be 2 units. You can understand why you need 2 units of same machine if you read reasons below:

-The carpet washing machine is working faster than pipe type carpet spin drainer machine 

-For small sizes of carpets you need to use small carpet spin drainer machine. it means that the size of first machine will be small size the second one will be big size (like 2-3 or 2,5-4 or 5 meter sized of machiens)

-And also you can not put 2 different carpet in same machine at the same moment.

So because of these reasons you need to have 2 different size and unit of pipe type carpet spin drainer.



Models of our carpet spin drainer machines we have totally 2 different model:

1) DCS 1 Stainless steel inner and outer drum

2) DCS 2 Stainless steel inner drum and galvanised steel outer drum ( you can choose this model because the outer drum of the machine cannot touching to water. and it cannot be rust. and its also according to your budget.

And when you finish the process with pipe type carpet spin drainer the next machine will be carpet hanging and drying machine and the last machine will be carpet sweeping and finishing packaging machine.

For detailed information about all of our carpet washing machines and the other of our productions you can check send whatsapp message from 00905493434500 number or send an email to info@donertas.com.tr

-2 meter up to 6 meter maximum rug width capacity

-Galvanized stainless or 18/8 CrNi stainless steel inner&outer drum;diameter:420 or 350 mm

-Galvanized stainless steel&electrostatic powder coated outer drum and carrier legs

-Strong & industrial high capacity draining

-Special airbag system for vibration preventing

-Button command (forward & reverse) system

-Strong & industrial manuel front cover system 

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