Carpet washing machine is the first machine in carpet cleaning line. Firstly we are manufacturer,saler and also exporter of carpet cleaning equipments. For carpet cleaning line if we need to count all the machines one by one its like; carpet washing machine, pipe tyoe carpet spin drainer, carpet dust remover machine, carpet sweeping and finishing packaging machine and also carpet hanging and drying system. Carpet washing machine is the second machine in professional carpet cleaning line. But its according to our customers budget. If he or she has small budget for this business they can start totally with two different machine. The machines are first is carpet washing machine and the second one is pipe type carpet spin drainer machine. But he or she has enough budget to have professional and full line of carpet cleaning systems the machine unit will be 6 units of machine. the first one will be carpet dust remover machine, second is carpet washing machine, carpet spin drainer and this dryer machine will be 2 units 8you can find detailed information in this link you can understand why you need 2 units of same machine: dryer. next machine will be carpet hanging and drying machine and the last machine will be carpet sweepig and finishing packaging machine. In our company carpet washing machine have 4 different model. But we are always dirstly asking to our customer which kind of machine they prefer and after that we are giving detailed information about our machines. If they want special production of course we can do it whatever they want. (like brush pieces, or size of the machine or the construction of the machine can change according their opinions). Normally we are producing 4 different model the 2 of them are changing only the construction. first is 18/8 CrNi stainless steel model and the second id gavanised stainless steel model. And the other models only changing the brush system. 


-Rug with capacities (From 2m up to 6 m )

-Galvanized + electrostatic painted   steel construction

-Inverter controlled conveyor band system


-Special cylindrical brushing&combing system)

-Special filter bag for fiber collect

-Inverter controlled motor & reducers

-Inverter controlled conveyor band

-Automatic rug thickness 

-Strong&industrial vacuum unit

-Carpet rolling system at the exit

-Button command panel system

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